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May 19, 2009 by snowier
Is the stimulus money really helping the economy? Probably not.

However both times the government gave out this money it did help me a lot.

     The first time they gave out the money I was in the process of moving. Had it not been for the economic stimulus money I wouldn't of been able to afford the cost of storage and security deposit. So for that I say thanks to the govenment.

    I also got $250 this round of economic stimulus money. I again used i...
November 20, 2008 by snowier
Inflation is nothing new and we might as well wake up and face the reality of the Recession already being here.  In general all of us by now have gotten use to the fact of most things costing more. Especially  gasoline and food. True the price of gas has fallen some, but is still rather high in some areas more than others.

The stock market keeps falling and many companies are failing. I could care less in some companies go out of business all together. However this is taking the ent...
May 31, 2008 by snowier
    Where I live now is far from optimal, but at least nobody has been shot anywhere nearby. Yes drug dealers are abundant and such and there was somebody stabbed at another complex nearby. Also they had a lot of robberies by devious thieves.

      Looking for an appartment has been lack luster and the only thing that has saved me some time and money is Map Quest. AHH thank goodnees that is a very useful tool. It has saved me lots of money in avoiding t...
May 29, 2008 by snowier
     Recently I bought a DTV converter box and now after hours of putzing around trouble shouting of why I wasn't recieving any signal, and eventually finding the problem all is wonderfully fine. There is nothing like having 12 free channals of TV to choose from.       My problem was the  coaxil cable sent with my Zenith DTV converter box was nothing but a worthless piece of crap. It was the type that doesn't screw on, it just slides on . I ...
May 20, 2008 by snowier
 Recently I went to look at an appartment . It was a great appartment. Being the honest and upright person I am I told the landlors I have a therapy animal. She said she might be ok with that until she asked what kind of animal it was. Once she found out my animal was a cat and not a dog she said she might still let me live there if I did a crimanal background check, credit check and paid a pet deposit on top of the security deposit. I was willing to do all that. I also had to pay a $1...
December 5, 2007 by snowier
Well I've had two lousy days in the row and since nature has sent us lots of not so lovely snow, I'm sore from shoveling.
So I decided to make up a silly/sarcastic song. I'm no professional songwritter and I made the words uo today as I walking down the street. So try to bear with me.

Winter Blues
melody the song (Silver Bells)
Words by me, myself, and I

City sidewalks full of snow 20" high will be 60 by the end of December
because the city doesn't ensure anybody clears them
For they...
November 24, 2007 by snowier
Well what a thing to find out from my sister and nephew on Thanksgiving Day. I found out that three know pediphiles have a web page at My Space. Even worse yet one has three differant web pages. Which really doesn't surprise me for he has eight differant ways of spelling his name and two birth cirtificates with two differant spellings of his name. The main reason I know these perverts are convicted pediphiles is both my sisters accidently and mistakenly had involvement with them several years ag...
June 17, 2007 by snowier
Almost every day I here on the news or read in the paper about one teen stabbing or shooting another teen over something trivial. However the latest thing I recently read made me think maybe some of our youth really need psycreatric help. In some high school lunch room one 16 or 17 year old stabbed another one just because they wouldn't share their cookies. Now that is utterly insane to stab somebody for cookies!! I don't care if your 12 or 22 I never ever heard of anybody stabbing somebody for...
April 21, 2007 by snowier
Recently I watched two realy weird Foreign movies. The first one was all in Japenese and in it the "bounty hunter" became friends with the guy he was sapose to kill. It was an extremely bloody and strange film. I did expect some gore after all it was titled Slauter in the snow. The secound movie was all in French and it was extremely hard to follow. Some how a group of young people end up in a house with a pschopathic man and neice. What I thought was really bezarre is the psycho guy attacks ...
April 16, 2007 by snowier
Where I live it is very common to see snow in the winter. However God, Mother nature, or what ever controls the weather must have a warped sense of timing. We got more snow today April 16th than all of December and most of the winter. This is normally the time of year spring is in the air not snow flakes.... May be I should of been singing Santa clase is coming to town instead of here comes Peter cottentail???
April 6, 2007 by snowier
Where I live I can't recieve two local channels very well. One of them CBS (Channel 5) is a major local channel, the other is one that was more recently added CW (channel 14). The station claims that interferance from wires or building is the major contributing factor. However since I do not subscribe to cable television I should be getting lousy reception of all my channels if this was the case. The only other channel I have a worse time trying to get in is CW. I can get NBC, ABC, PBS, FO...
March 26, 2007 by snowier
When I first heard the news of cat and dog food being recalled, because it was killing animals. Like any pet owner I was a bit scared and really concered. Then they said only canned foods had been recalled and I breathed a thankful sigh of relief. For some wierd reason or perhaps fate my cat has always refused to eat the stuff. He does more than turn his nose up and walk away from the dish, he actually trys to bury the dish into the floor. Maybe that was a sign???
March 12, 2007 by snowier
I took my cat to the vet, because he was losing fur and has a small bald spot near tail. The vet drew some blood and did a scraping and a few tests. The bill was only $60 not bad considering it is a vet bill. Anyhow nothing irregular showed up in tests. Phew good no buying medicine for my cat. However he thought it was diet related and recommended a couple choices in cat food. Neither was extremely more expensive than what i curently spend to feed my beast so I tried. One food made my cat vomet ...
October 5, 2006 by snowier
Today out of the blue I wrote this well very weird poem.

There are many of men that think with which that hangs between their legs
They think women regard it as an idol made of gold
Or that it is the center of the universe and everything gravitates towards it
But alas us women think it more a dried shriveled Vienna sausage with mold on it
And the only thing it tends to draw is hoards of flies
September 1, 2006 by snowier
Since I thought it a real wasted effort for someone to steal my 50 cent paper, I thought I would see how much effort it taks to collect bottles and actually make a little money. The period of time I conduted the experiment was just a little over a month. The total distance I walked was minamal so I'll say maybe 4 yards if that. On the first day I found half a case of empties just sitting in the parking lot. I cashed in my collecting efforts and my grand total for my efforts was $6.10. Not bad co...